Innovative sharpening technology

Whether we realise it or not, blades and scissors are a core part of our daily lives, and keeping them in good working order is our specialty. Here at Sharp-Rite Mobile Sharpening Service, we bring our expertise, knowledge and experience right to your doorstep!

We’re one of the leading knife sharpening services in Perth, but we offer so much more! Running a business in the food industry is hard enough. Let cutlery sharpening be one less thing to worry about! Need to take the blunt edge off your chef’s knives? No problem! Our professional knife sharpener services will have you slicing and dicing in no time! Keep your clients, or your household, happy by offering them delicious food with expertly sharpened cutlery!

We cater to a range of businesses, including hairdressers, barbers and groomers. Our grooming blade and scissor sharpening skills are on full display whenever we work with our satisfied clients in these industries.

Our patented and revolutionary Mirror Cut technique definitely makes us the best blade sharpening service in Western Australia. Our sharpening method is much less damaging to your blades as it does not require the use of high temperatures. This means that your metal will last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Items That Can Be Sharpened:

Industrial and Commercial – Home Workshop

  • Steel Drills – Twist or Taper Shank Drills to 50mm Diameter.
  • Spade Bits and Woodwork Drills.
  • Masonry Drills – SDS, Ramset, Hilti.
  • Hole Saws – Stanley, Starrett, Blu Mol, Morse, Marvel.
  • Circular Saws – Tungsten Tipped to 500 mm Dia. (Sharpening only)
  • Tin Snips – Gilbow, Wiss, Midwest, Excalibur electric shears.
  • Wood Chisels and Hand Plane Blades.
  • Cold Chisels – Jack Hammer Chisels, Picks and Chasers.
  • Centre Punches – Wad Punches.

Tourism and Hospitality – Household and Domestic

  • Knives – Boning, filleting, Serrated Bread, Paring, Fishing and Hunting, Pocket, Meat Cleavers, Pizza Cutters, Meat Slicers.
  • Scissors – Domestic and Dressmaking, Upholstery Shears, Left Handed, Serra Sharps, Pinking Shears, Embroidery, Overlocker Blades, Hairdressing Shears ( certain areas, please enquire).
  • Garden and Household – Pruners, Hedge Clippers, Secateurs, Loppers, Lawn Edgers, Axes, Tomahawks, Shovels, Spades, Forks, Picks, Crowbars.

Consider Hosting a flamin’  Sharp Kitchen, Garden, and Tool Shed Party

  • Everyone has blunt items around their home. Knives, Scissors, Pruners, Secateurs, Workshop Tools including Drills and Circular Saw Blades and much more.
  • Consider hosting a BBQ or Get Together with Family or Friends so everyone can take advantage of a Flamin’ Sharp Visit.
  • Flamin’ Sharp will provide you with the invitations to distribute TO YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU as the host WILL RECIEVE a discount ON YOUR OWN SHARPENING or a useful gift.
  • All Participants will receive a small gift along with some HANDY INFORMATION TO KEEP on knife care and safety.
  • An informative talk will be presented on care and safety issues relating to knives along with a question and answer segment.
  • This will include a session on Sharpening Devices and Steels with a Practical, Hands-On demonstration on how to safely and correctly ‘steel’ your knives.
  • For further details on this exciting new initiative, phone your friendly Flamin’ Sharp operator.

Are you looking for a ‘Guest Speaker’ at your next club or dinner meeting?

  • Most Service Clubs and Community Groups try to find interesting ‘Guest Speakers’ for a 5 or 10-minute talk on various subjects.
  • Flamin’ Sharp can tailor an informative talk which could include Knife Care, Sharpening, and Safety.
  • Other topics might include Gardening Equipment Care, Maintenance, and Safety Drill Sharpening and Workshop Tooling Care might be more appropriate.
  • Whatever your organisation or club is involved in, your friendly local Flamin’ Sharp operator would be more than happy to discuss how a segment might be tailored to best suit your group. Please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ listing for your local operator.

It doesn’t matter if you require our services for your business or for your home, our professional mobile team will come to your doorstep to provide excellent service and convenience. Contact us now to find out how we can help you get the most out of your blades.

Industrial Knife Sharpening


Caters towards your tradesperson. Be that Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Sheet Metalworkers, Gardeners/Landscapers.

Hospitality and Tourism Services


Knives have come a long way from one of the original uses as weapons. Now, it’s an acceptable and necessary part of tableware sets, and essential in food prep.

Garden Tool Sharpening Service


Covers just about anything you have around the house. Kitchen, Home workshop, Sewing and hobbies, Gardening and outdoors.

Hair Dressing Knife Sharpening


Scissors, in their various forms, are used in many different industries and not just in the home.

Sharpening School Gardening Tools


High Schools, T.A.F.E Colleges and Universities.