Caters towards your tradesperson. Be that Electricians, Plumbers, Builders, Sheet Metalworkers, Gardeners/Landscapers.

  • Steel Drills – Twist or Taper Shank Drills to 50mm Diameter.
  • Spade Bits and Woodwork Drills.
  • Masonry Drills – SDS, Ramset, Hilti.
  • Hole Saws – Stanley, Starrett, Blu Mol, Morse, Marvel.
  • Circular Saws – Tungsten Tipped to 500 mm Dia. (Sharpening only)
  • Tin Snips – Gilbow, Wiss, Midwest, Excalibur electric shears.
  • Wood Chisels and Hand Plane Blades.
  • Cold Chisels – Jack Hammer Chisels, Picks and Chasers.
  • Centre Punches – Wad Punches.
  • Scissors – Dressmaking, Upholstery Shears, Left Handed, Serra Sharps, Pinking Shears, Embroidery,
  • Pruners, Hedge Clippers, Secateurs, Loppers, Lawn Edgers, Axes, Tomahawks, Shovels, Spades, Forks, Picks, Crowbars.
Industrial Knife Sharpening